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Solar Panel Maintenance FAQs

Do solar systems need servicing?

Solar panel systems have no moving parts, but some maintenance is still required. In order to keep your solar panels clean and operating at full capacity, we recommend checking on them at least twice a year.

Can you use a pressure washer to clean solar panels?

If you plan on cleaning your solar panels by yourself, please be careful above all else. For cleaning, use water, gentle soap such as dishwashing liquid and a soft brush to scrub off buildup and debris from around the corners. Avoid harsh chemicals, heavy-duty scrubbers and pressure washers as they could damage your solar panels.

How long does a solar panel last?

Solar panels last about 25 to 30 years, but don’t think that means they stop producing electricity after the 25th year. This simply means the energy production level starts to decline according to the manufacturer.

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