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SERVICE CONTRACTS are NOT required with our service calls!

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Your solar power system needs maintenance or repair but the company that installed it is no longer in business.

Who are you going to call?

Power Shift Solar can help you!

We sell, install and service whole home or partial home battery backup systems.
We offer many battery systems to choose from.

If your solar PV system is not providing the power output it was designed for, you might just need a service call to get it back on track.

At Power Shift Solar, we field a service and repair team that is experienced and capable of bringing your system back to peak performance. Over the years there have been many solar installation companies that have come and gone.

If your original installation company is no longer in business, we can provide the repair and service for what others have installed.

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Simple & Easy

Simple & Easy

We’re with you every step of the way! From the initial visit & approving the plans, to handling the permitting & install so that you don’t have to worry.

Save Money

Save Money

Solar often costs less than energy from your average utilities, so you can save money.

25 Year Warranty*

25 Year Warranty*

We offer monitoring and protection on your solar panels for your peace of mind.

Installation Included

Installation Included

Our crew has the expertise to make sure your system is installed right.

Protect the Environment

Protect the Environment

Going solar reduces air & water pollution & reduces the demand for finite resources.

Is your solar PV system in need of cleaning?

Servicing your solar PV system will help you to control your energy costs and take advantage of your home or businesses solar investment. A typical service call will inspect your solar PV system’s condition from the solar panels to the wiring, inverters and power junction. A regular service program can help to spot small problems that could lead to greater costs for repairs.

Our repair team can get a system that is down back online so you continue to see the cost benefit to having a solar PV system.

Power Shift Solar can improve your solar PV's system performance!

The potential for serious harm or injury is too great for those who are non-licensed to attempt repair of solar electric panels, inverters or other system components. Call Power Shift Solar to arrange a solar service call today.

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